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3D Printer


The FELIX BIOprinter distinguishes itself in the market through its reliability in quality. Stable temperature control, repeatability and ease of use are key characteristics of the machine.

The printer’s robustness offers users the opportunity to print a wide variety of biomaterials. The open source system gives you the freedom to utilize any bio ink and standard disposable accessories.

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BIOprinter functionality

The FELIX BIOprinter raises the bar in terms of flexibility and adaptability, and is ideally suited for an array of research, scientific, and medical applications. The unique features of the system allow the BIOprinter to print with two different material types within the same print, improve material dosage and material flow, and print a wide range of viscosities and bio-inks.

Research Freedom

The novel dual head dispensing unit allows you to use almost any viscous material accurately. You have ultimate design freedom with the flexible dispensing unit.

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