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2D Laser (Cutting & Engraving)

Let us know what will be your 2D Laser requirement.

1. Contact information

2. Decide your Material type

2D Laser.png

- Wood

- Plastics

- Metals

- Jelutong, MDF, Plywood

- Delrin (POM), Acrylic

- Aluminium, Brass




- Standard lead times are 10 - 14 days

- If you are rushing and expect us to make miracle, we cannot!

- If you don't provide us enough information, we basically just have to guess

- Tell us your budget, save everyone the trouble of guessing

- Dont expect us to clean up your 2D files because you are the designer

- We are nice if you are nice, we are helpful if you are helpful..

- All items are self collect

3. Quick information & Reality of life

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