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Class @ FreeForm Solution

We are accredited and officially listed by McNeel as an Authorized Rhino Training Center (ARTC) to conduct Rhino 3D classes in Singapore and in the South East Asia region. We aimed to deliver high quality trainings in Rhino and its related plugins to our participants and clients in both commercial and educational sectors. With the accreditation, many years of 3D modelling experiences and numerous training classes conducted at FreeForm, this would make us the most definite option for anyone or any organization to engage us to facilitate their Rhino training requirements. 

Beginner Class

1. Rhino3D Essential
2. Rhino3D Intermediate

3. Grasshopper 3D Computational - Coming soon

Application Class

1. Architectural & Facade Modelling
2. Engineering & Product Modelling

Class Mode: Live face-2-face Learning
*** Completion C
ertificate will be issued

Rhino Class_edited.jpg

Republic Poly Lecturer - Rhino Essential Class

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