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Rhino for MAC Workshop

Did you missed the workshop? Here are some screenshots of the event.



1. Background

2. Rhino MAC vs Windows

3. User-Interface

4. Software Demo

5. Tips & Tricks

6. Modeling of a Sofa






Click here for Registration

FreeForm @ MTA 2015

In this tradeshow, we displayed technologies such as 3D Scanners, 3D Printers, as well as Roland Subtractive Machines.


Do not hesistate to contact us for more info.

ProJet 1200 Printing
Printed with the Grey material from ProJet 1200, pretty neat and nice details from the print.
Recommended for designer whom requires organic design to print...size might be a slight challenge if your model is huge and unless you split the parts up to print.
This is still a very neat and nice printer to have. :-)
Click here for Projet 1200
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